After signing up for Miracle Studio and confirming your email, it’s time to get started!

Step 1) Log In to Miracle Studio

To access Miracle Studio, navigate to with any browser on your desktop (we prefer Google Chrome). 

Enter the Username and Password you provided while signing up, then click on Sign In.

Step 2 ) Create a New Mobile Application

As soon as you log in for the first time, you will be navigated to the following screen to create your first mobile app. 

From this screen, define the following:

  • App Name: Provide a meaningful name which relates to your enterprise. For example, ABC HR App. 
  • App Code: Miracle Studio will automatically generate an easy-to-remember app code for you based on the app's name. You can, however, click on the Edit button  to type a custom app code. 
  • Include Sample Forms in App: By selecting this option, the app you create will include a collection of mobile forms which you can check from the Pages & Forms tab in Miracle Studio. You can customize these forms or use them as a guideline while designing yours.

Once you click 'Create Mobile App', you will be navigated to the following screen. From here, you can select to download Miracle Mobile App, book an onboarding session with our Support Team, or start using Miracle Studio directly. 

Now, you are set to begin designing awesome forms which will eliminate paper-based data collection from your company.

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