Companies and enterprises can add a layer of security to their mobile forms by adding a Login Page and allowing business users to fill in the forms only if they are logged in to the Miracle Mobile app on their phones or iPads.

In order to create a Login Page for your mobile app, please follow the steps below in Miracle Studio:

From the left menu, click on Pages and Forms

  • If you already have pages and forms created previously, the resulting page will display a list of those pages and forms.
  • On the top-right, click on Create New
  • The Add New form will ask for the following information:
    • Display Name: You can give this page a meaningful name such as Login. This name will be displayed in the list of pages in Miracle Mobile App if you set it as visible. 
    • Internal Name: The internal name of the page will be auto-populated as you type in the Display Name. The Internal Name is used in expressions and other advanced level functions in Miracle Studio. You can ignore the internal name for now
  • Once the Display Name and Internal Name are filled, click on Advanced
  • As you are creating a page that will allow users to login using an authentication connector, select Login Page from the Page Template drop-down
  • Leave all other Advanced settings as they are
  • Click on Save. A login page will be created.