Enterprises can add a layer of security to their mobile forms by adding a login page. That way, business users can only fill in forms if they’re logged in to Miracle Mobile App. Moreover, it allows the management to see who is filling out the forms and provide feedback whenever needed. It also builds an audit trail in case something goes wrong.

There are multiple ways to create and manage the Users logging in to Miracle Mobile App.

New Users and Roles

If your company does not have an existing system that maintains the company's users and their roles, you can create new users and roles within Miracle Studio. With the User Management Connector, you won’t have to depend on an external 3rd party authentication system.

Existing Users and Roles

If your company already has an existing system which maintains users, their passwords, and their roles, Miracle Mobile Forms can easily integrate with them using Authentication Connectors. The following are some of the external systems that you can connect your mobile forms to:

  1. Microsoft Active Directory (On-Premises)
  2. Microsoft Azure Active Directory
  3. Office 365